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New Orleans Pelicans Monster Mash-up

This week is a big week in New Orleans. Is it because the Pelicans are now .500 for the first time since 2015, with games against the surprisingly streaking Orlando Magic and the KAT/Butler/Wiggins-led Timberwolves? I mean sure, I guess there is that, but even more importantly, it’s Halloween this week! Now I know what you are thinking. “Luis doesn’t a Halloween post make more sense tomorrow?” Counter-question, is it possible that I, a grown man, forgot that there was 31 days in October? You’ll never know, dear reader. Regardless, we here at Locked On Pelicans like to make sure we’re nice and ready before Halloween.

So with that in mind, as your LOP Social Party Planner, I decided that it’d be fun to have a Pelicans costume party. As we all know every good costume party needs a theme. For this, I went with Classic Movie Monsters, so without further ado, I present the first annual Locked on Pelicans Costume Party:

Demarcus Cousins- Frankenstein’s Monster Boogie has looked like something created in a lab powered by lightning and held together by bolts. Inside scoring, grabbing boards, throwing passes around the court, shooting three pointers, Boogie has looked absolutely unstoppable this season. At this point it looks like only pitchforks, villagers, and actual fire will stop him from doing what he wants on the floor. No matter what’s been thrown at him



Rajon Rondo- Frankenstein As a quick aside, I’m a huge stickler for literary accuracy and the actual Frankenstein needs a mention. The next time Boogie is heated around the bench, look and see what Rondo is doing and you will see he is usually talking to him. Now whether he’s calming him down or revving him up I do not know and frankly it doesn’t matter. It’s all working and it’s paying dividends even with Rondo’s injury.  

Anthony Davis- Wolfman If you’ve seen Teen Wolf you know how dangerous werewolves are on the court. Anthony Davis has always had a teammate issue. While the pairing isn’t the most obvious, the two have worked very well together posting averages of 59.8 points, 27.8 rebounds, 8.8 assists in the four games they’ve played. The two concerns were always the team around them and Davis’s health which has already cost him two games this season. While those fears have not been assuaged, Davis has looked as good ever and still can do things like this:


Jrue Holiday- Dr Jekyll/Mr. Hyde Jrue has looked very ordinary since the arrival of Boogie last season. Are these last 2 games promising? Undoubtedly. It shows that the core can work in some fashion which we all want, but I’m not buying in just yet. I expect to see more of Jekyll Jrue as opposed to the monster that averaged 25 points 7 assists and wreaked havoc on the Kings and the Cavs.

E’twaun Moore & Ian Clark- Phantom of the Opera Sometimes there’s miscommunication and 2 people come dressed as the same thing even if they have different takes on the costume. Enter these two guards.  In the same vein as the Phantom, the idea of maximized Moore & Clark is almost more frightening to opposing teams than they actually are. They move into the open spaces created by Davis and Cousins and try to take advantage there be it cutting inside or moving around the perimeter for open threes. For an idea of what Ian Clark does, check out Jake’s post from last week

Jameer Nelson- Dracula Imagine that this party was all planned out and as it got started, you realize you forgot one crucial thing. Be it napkins, actual food, a person that can run an offense/make an entry pass, or balloons that you forgot, it’s gonna ruin the party. At that moment in walks your older and more party planning experienced friend with that thing. The 14-year veteran has brought a guiding hand to the Pellies whenever he’s been on the court as shown by his team leading net rating of 13.



Dante Cunningham- The Mummy No team expects their 5th starter to be the best player. Oft forgotten and not really all that frightening, Cunningham is there to do the blue collar work. Grab boards, play defense and maybe score if the opportunity presents itself.

Darius Miller- The Invisible Man We all wanted so much more from Darius. We were hoping that the German Superstar moniker was going to translate to actual production and that he could be the silver bullet the Pelicans needed when Solomon Hill went down. Realistically it’s been more of the same as his first stint, punctuated by his getting pushed down the depth chart by newly acquired Josh Smith on Saturday.

Alexis Ajinca/Omer Asik- Ghosts Obviously we know each player has had their health issues, but realistically I needed one more monster and I can not help that it fits here

Have other Pelicans Monster ideas? Let us know in the comments below.

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From New Orleans by way of Escondido, Luis Enrique Corzo is one of the original moderators of the Pelicans SubReddit and contributed work to the now defunct Stoop Sports.


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