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Mirotic just inked a deal with Gillette. What’s the script for his first commercial?

Jake Madison



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Bonus Question: Mirotic just inked a deal with Gillette. What’s the script for his first commercial?

Luis: A fun bouncy track is playing. We cut to a Niko that shaved five hours ago. So you know, basically a full-sized, not quite Jake Madison beard. He spills his coffee on the way out the door, he trips over his own shoe laces on the street, and of course, the bottom of his gym bag falls out spilling all of its contents. The basketball that was in there rolls to his feet, he picks it up and wildly misses the shot that he takes. His head droops as today is not his day. Hard cut to a close up of Niko’s eyes, as his brows furrow and a look of determination comes over them. We cut back to the gym floor where his eyes are focused on the Gillette razor and shaving gel strewn out amongst the other items that fell out of his bag. Hard cut to Niko, shaving his face in the bathroom, hard cut back to the gym where now Niko is making every shot he takes, he finally turns and throws a shot behind him over hand from nearly half court as he walks towards the camera. He finally speaks, “Algunos días no van por tu camino. Incluso en tus peores días, sé suave”


You know, because he played for Real Madrid. And I wrote this at 1 AM…

Jason: … none of us are topping that.

Jake J. Madison is the host of the daily Locked on Pelicans podcast. Covering the Pelicans and NBA since 2010, you can catch him on various sports programs around New Orleans and nationally.

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