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What Needs to go Right for the Pelicans to Win the Series?

Jake Madison



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What needs to go right for the Pelicans to potentially win the series?

Jake: I think this is three-fold. They Pelicans need their shooters (Mirotic and Moore in particular) to hit threes and space the court. Sometimes it comes down to math and threes are worth more than twos. The Pelicans also need to limit turnovers and not let the Warriors play in transition. While the Warriors offense is incredibly, the one area the kinda struggle with is in isolation. Force the Warriors to play one on one and not their passing oriented, team style of ball and the Pelicans might have a chance.

Raby: Barring the obvious injury answer, the Pelicans need to find a way to take Golden State out of their offense. The Pelicans have been good at building leads against the Warriors this season, and to keep those leads they need to keep their foot on the pedal and force Golden State into an iso-heavy, KD-put-the-team-on-his-back-doe type offense.

Luis: Mirotic’s hot streak continuing. AD & Jrue should be able to keep up most of their pace, but Miro’s scoring has been one of the biggest factors in this 9 game winning streak. Throughout his career, he’s been a streaky shooter, and while he’s been on probably his best hot streak, it needs to continue.  

Jason: More than ever, the role players need to step up. Rondo should help with that with his veteran savvy, as should Ian Clark, the former Warrior, with the gameplan, but it’s up to the players to execute. Cheick Diallo needs to cut down on mistakes to be a net positive. Moore and Miller need to take and make shots. Solomon Hill needs smart play on both ends. The Pelicans lead the current postseason in points per game, but the Warriors led the league in scoring during the regular season, meaning that the “new Big Three” of AD, Jrue, and Mirotic can’t do all the work. Just like the win against the Warriors during the regular season, it’ll require a total team effort.

Jake J. Madison is the host of the daily Locked on Pelicans podcast. Covering the Pelicans and NBA since 2010, you can catch him on various sports programs around New Orleans and nationally.

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