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Who Will Be the New Orleans Pelicans MVP?

Jake Madison



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The New Orleans Pelicans play their home opener tonight against the Golden State Warriors, and it will take a herculean effort to beat the defending champions. With that in mind the Locked on Pelicans crew gives you their picks for Pelicans MVP this season.

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Who will be the Pelicans MVP?

Alex – Can I give it to a coach? If so, Darren Erman. The Pels defense is what will ultimately determine whether this team plays well enough to make a playoff run. The offense will be intriguing under Chris Finch and I’m as excited as everyone else to see point Boogie, but the Pels might need to adapt the Grit-n-Grind from Memphis and try to bully people on the defensive side of the court. If they stay strong on defense and build on the momentum from the back end of last year, the Pels could surprise some folks

Jermaine – Our medical and training staff. We need Holiday to have a healthy, productive season and play upwards of 70 games. However…we also need AD and Boogie to play 75 or so games, too, particularly with Hill and Rondo out at the start of the season. Our team’s collective health has been…challenging…in the past. That has to change if we want to get back to the playoffs.

Raby – I’m glad my two compatriots went with outside-the-box answers because it allows me to take the easy road. Anthony Davis will be our MVP because — on the court, at least — he has to be. Davis is entering his sixth season, and though he’s been celebrated as a Top 5 to Top 10 talent for a few seasons now, this season will be the most important season he’s had so far. This is the most talented team he has been on and next year is a pivotal free agency period. If the Pelicans want to start a foundation with Cousins and Davis together, it is up to Davis to have his best year yet, and I think he will.

Rory – DeMarcus Cousins. Quick, name the three things that have held Boogie back thus far in his career. It is probably safe to assume your answer had some combination of A. lack of talent around him, B. motivation, and C. conditioning. All three will not be an issue in 2017-18. This is by far the most talented roster he’s been on, which has increased his motivation, which has led to Boogie being in the best shape of his career heading into a season. Problems can compound each other, but, sometimes, so can solutions.

Fernando- I’ll go with the easy answer and say Anthony Davis. He has never played with a guy like Cousins and I think this could open up a lot of his game, cousins is definitely the best big AD has ever played with and besides Rondo, Cousins might be the best passer AD has played with. All these things just have me thinking an even better version of Anthony Davis will be unleashed

Jason – Boring answer, but it’s Anthony Davis. He’s the best player on the team, the best big man in the league, and for the Pelicans to succeed this season, he needs to play like it. Davis’s unreal athleticism usually allows him to roam the court anyway, but the addition of DeMarcus Cousins should allow him to play more freely and, hopefully, better than ever before.

Luis- I am a firm believer that your best player should be your MVP. So with that, it has to be Anthony Davis. I’ve always felt like AD tries to do too much, and with potentially the most talented team he has had since being in NOLA, that burden should be lifted from his shoulders.

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Jake J. Madison is the host of the daily Locked on Pelicans podcast. Covering the Pelicans and NBA since 2010, you can catch him on various sports programs around New Orleans and nationally.

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